Aguilar OBP-2SK 2-Band Boost/Cut On Board Bass Preamp

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Aguilar OBP-2SK 2-Band Boost/Cut On Board Bass Preamp

  • Brand:Aguilar
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The OBP-2 SK is a two-band boost and cut bass and treble preamps, that has high headroom, low distortion, and the ability to reproduce the full dynamic range of your instrument. The OBP-2 was designed to give bassists fat tone, while being small enough to fit into tight control cavities. OBP-2 SK kit includes stacked Treble/Bass pot. Wire this preamp with one 9-volt battery and it will fit into just about any instrument. With +/-18dB of boost and cut at 40Hz and +/- 16dB of treble boost and cut at 6.5 kHz you have can emphasize just the right frequencies to make your bass sound great in any mix.


• OBP-2SK: Includes stacked Treble/Bass pot
• Bass control: plus/minus 18 dB @ 40 Hz
• Treble control: plus/minus 16 dB @ 6.5 KHz
• Input impedance: 1 meg ohm
• Output impedance: 100 ohm 9 or 18 volts operation
• Distortion: .019 into 10k ohm load
• Noise: -95 dBm unweighted.
• Battery life: 324 hours