Blackstar Electric CarryOn Travel Guitar Black

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Blackstar Electric CarryOn Travel Guitar Black

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CarryOn guitars represent the new benchmark in quality, portable travel-sized guitars that play and feel like their full-sized counterparts. Featuring a coil-splittable mini humbucker and constructed using a single piece of Okoume, these guitars are not just a gimmick - these are travel guitars with true tone and feel beyond their size.

CarryOn is the perfect companion for your next road trip or camping weekend, and as these guitars are accepted on most major airlines, CarryOn is an essential travel item for all jet setting guitarists around the globe. Using 12-54 gauge strings, these guitars have the feel of a standard scale guitar but in a more portable size. The body is built from a single piece of Okoume and features a coil-splittable mini humbucker.


• Travel Size Guitar
• Mini Humbucker with Coil-split
• Single-piece Okoume Body and Neck
• Fitted with D'addario EXL145 strings