Vox Mini Go 50 Battery-Powered Guitar Amp Black

Guitar Combo Amp

Vox Mini Go 50 Battery-Powered Guitar Amp Black

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The VOX Mini Go 50 battery-powered guitar amp offers a rhythm function perfect for practice and songwriting, and has been updated with 33 rhythm patterns. Along with the looper function, with 40+ seconds of loop time, the rhythm function is perfect for buskers. Updated amp models and effects have been added for more natural and responsive playing. The 50-watt Mini Go 50 can be powered by any portable USB battery that fits the correct output specs, making it easy to power your amp anywhere.


• 50-watt modelling amplifier
• Built-in looper with 40+ seconds of record time
• Revamped rhythm function with 33 patterns
• Can be powered by portable USB battery
• Power reduction to 1/10 or 1/100
• Updated amp models and effects, with new vocoder and octave effects
• Tiltback mechanism to use amp as a monitor