Blackstar Dept 10 Boost Pedal

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Blackstar Dept 10 Boost Pedal

  • Brand:Blackstar
  • Category: Amplifiers & Effects, Guitar Effect Pedals
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The DEPT.10 BOOST is the ultimate high voltage valve boost pedal. Combining a Class A gain stage and natural sounding passive James-Baxandall EQ this class leading pedal is like adding two extra hot valve stages to your amp to ensure the maximum delivery of precious dynamics and tone. Other features include an all valve cut and boost tone section and a high-level output specially designed to drive your valve amp hard. This is an extremely flexible pedal and can be used into a clean amp as a volume boost, an additional valve equalization, or to drive your amplifier into dynamic valve overdrive.


• Power: 9V DC
• Valve: 1 x ECC83 Triode / 12AX7
• Maximum Current Draw: 500mA
• Input Impedance: 1M?
• Output Impedance: <1k?
• Channels: 1
• Voices: 1
• EQ: Low/High “James-Baxandall” Style EQ
• CAB Rig Speaker Simulator: No
• USB Recording: No
• FX Loop: No
• XLR DI Output: No
• Stereo ¼” Headphone Output: No
• Weight: 1.15Lb/0.52kg
• Dimensions: 3” x 3” x 4.4” (inches)
• DC Adaptor: PSU-500 Supplied (9VDC 500mA tip Negative)