Blackstar Sonnet 60 Watt Acoustic Amplifier Blonde

Guitar Combo Amp

Blackstar Sonnet 60 Watt Acoustic Amplifier Blonde

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The Sonnet 60 is the ideal grab-and-go acoustic combo. This lightweight, compact and feature-laden 60-Watt, 1 × 6.5 + tweeter combo is perfect for all your acoustic gigging needs. With microphone and instrument channels with independent EQ and reverb levels, stunning studio quality reverbs: Hall and Plate, High Pass Filter, Brilliance control, USB audio out, XLR D.I. mix output, MP3/Line in, Bluetooth audio, footswitch socket for audio mute and reverb ON/OFF and tilt-back stand for ultimate sound projection.


• Power: 60W
• Channels: Microphone ¼” & instrument XLR
• Shape For Each Channel: ‘Out’; a flat EQ response. ‘In’ position; a mid-cut with a low and high boost
• CH.1 EQ: Low, Mid, & High
• CH.2 EQ: Low & High
• Anti-Feedback: Yes (global Phase switch)
• Phantom Power: No
• PAD: No
• High Pass Filter: Yes
• Brilliance: Yes
• Bluetooth Audio: Yes
• Reverb: Yes (Hall & Plate)
• MP3/ Line-In: Yes
• Effects Loop: No
• XLR D.I. Out: Yes (Mix)
• USB Audio: Yes
• Footswitch: FS-17 (Mute & Reverb On/Off)
• Tilt-Back Stand: Yes
• PA Stand Mountable: Yes (with optional SA-2 adaptor)
• Speaker: 1 x 6.5” + tweeter
• Weight: 17Lb/7.7kg
• Dimensions: 13.6”x12.2”x9.8” (inches)