LP Tito Puente 13" And 14" Timbales, Brass


LP Tito Puente 13" And 14" Timbales, Brass

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Proclaimed as "The King" of Latin music, Tito Puente Signature Series Timbales are as classic as the musician himself. The solid brass shells produce warmer sounds, and comes equipped with traditional tuning, a height adjustable timbale stand, and a cowbell bracket. 


•    Solid brass 13-inches and 14-inches diameters, 6-1/2-inch deep
•    Traditional tuning
•    Heavy duty
•    fully height-adjustable timbale stand 
•    Anti-rattle sleeve 
•    Die cast gear tilter
•    Cowbell bracket
•    Timbale sticks
•    Tuning key. 

Note: Cowbells and blocks are not included. Each sold separately.