Vox AC30C2 Black Canvas Cover

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Vox AC30C2 Black Canvas Cover

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Keep your Vox rig safe from big problems, with this AC30Cover Amplifier Cover from Vox. The AC30Cover Amplifier Cover is custom designed to fit any AC30 amp. Unless you protect your favorite amplifier, it may not be around so long. You may not know it, but dust takes out more good amplifiers than volume knobs set to 11 any day. Dust damage tends to creep up on amplifiers, and by the time it's audible, your amplifier may be beyond repair. So, do yourself and your precious Vox amplifier a favor, and protect your investment with an AC30Cover Amplifier Cover before it's too late.


• Made of heavy-duty material
• Fits any of the Vox AC30 amps
• Protects your amplifier from harmful dust and moisture