Vox VFS5 Footswitch for VT Series Amps

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Vox VFS5 Footswitch for VT Series Amps

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The Vox VFS5 5-Button Footswitch is an essential accessory for the Vox Valvetronix VT15 and VT30 amps. Use the VFS5 to switch programs, turn reverb or other effects on and off, or make speed/tap settings using your foot. This flexibility is a great advantage when you're creating sounds or performing live. The VFS5 footswitch employs a tough steel design with traditional mechanical foot switches and an extra-long 5-meter integral jack lead. The Vox VFS5 footswitch currently works only with the following Vox Valvetronix amplifiers: VT15, VT30, VT50, and VT100.


• Switches programs
• Turns effects on and off
• Adjusts speed/tap settings
• Rugged steel design
• Compatible with Vox VT15, VT30, VT50, and VT100 models