Vox VGH Bass Guitar Headphones with Effects


Vox VGH Bass Guitar Headphones with Effects

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The VOX VGH headphones combine the popular amPlugs with headphones designed with Audio-Technica for easy and convenient practice. Just plug in an instrument, and enjoy serious guitar sound. Offering 16 hours of battery life, VGH headphones are perfect for practicing anywhere, and can be used as conventional headphones when the power is off. The VOX VGH Bass offers versatile bass amp sounds, in headphone format. Using the same analog design as the Bass amPlug, these headphones provide powerful and responsive tone. There are three amp variations, and a built-in compressor effect.


• Bass headphones with built-in amp for silent practice
• Designed with Audio Technica
• Three amp modes
• Chorus, delay, and reverb effects each with 3 variations
• Made in Japan