Reloop ELITE High-Performance DVS Mixer for Serato

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Reloop ELITE High-Performance DVS Mixer for Serato

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Reloop ELITE is a professional DVS mixer for Serato DJ Pro, developed in close cooperation with international turntable artists. Due to the combination of a performance-oriented layout and powerful features, ELITE allows you to fully realize your DJ potential. The full version of Serato DJ Pro, including the DVS Expansion Pack, is provided plug 'n' play. Additionally, ELITE comes with two Serato control records with NoiseMap technology Dual 10 In/Out USB 2.0 Audio Unterface & Ergonomic Browse Section ELITE comes equipped with a powerful DUAL 10 In/Out USB 2.0 Audio Interface, which offers outstanding sound characteristics in 24-bit resolution. Two computers can be connected at the same time via both USB ports. This way a seamless transition from one DJ to another during performance becomes as easy as possible. In the battle mixer's center you find the ergonomically designed browse section, that allows efficient one-handed control and which can be switched independently from the source selection (USB A or B) via the Focus computer control 2X OLED & Dedicated Loop Control The two OLED displays show real-time information regarding effects, BPM, beat parameters and setup menu. Each deck has a separate loop section which can be controlled intuitively, thanks to the push encoder which also disposes of a manual loop function. Via the LED bar the selected loop length is directly visible. Individual PAD Modes In combination with the RP-8000 MK2 it is possible for the first time to control the pad modes on various devices individually and simultaneously improved stability and adjustable height/vertical tracking angle (VTA). The low-resonance tonearm comes with a universal connection for pick-up cartridge systems (SME) Smart Link USB HUB External devices, such as MIDI controllers, storage media or smartphones can be connected and loaded via the two smart link USB ports. When connecting RP-8000 MK2 turntables, these will automatically recognize the corre


• Professional DVS Performance Mixer for Serato DJ Pro
• Developed in close collaboration with renowned international turntable artists
• Control up to 12 performance modes per deck
• 3x mini Innofader Pro (latest generation) on-board, featuring twice the resolution and innovative non-contact technology, allowing for ultra-precise cuts and smooth operation
• 2 high-contrast OLED displays showing real-time information of effects, BPM, beat divisions and setup menu
• Colour-coded Tweak FX: Stand-alone effects with bipolar control
• Toggle between Filter, Crush, Flanger, White Noise and user mode via the mode button with RGB indication
• DUAL 10 In/Out USB 2.0 audio interface with superb sound quality in 24-bit
• Two independent effect units for controlling Serato DJ Pro FX
• 3 assignable effect slots: Each with dedicated activation buttons
• Dedicated and flexible effect controls for each channel
• Mini-fader for FX Level/Depth control
• 2 FX activation modes: Either hold or toggle on/off
• Combines a performance-oriented layout with powerful features
• 16 Large, velocity sensitive RGB performance pads
• 4 mode buttons, three layers with 12 performance modes (Hot Cue, Loop Roll, Slicer, Sampler, Pitch Play, Saved Loop, Slicer Loop, Saved Flips, Platter Play, Transport, 2 user modes) and dual layer parameter buttons per side
• Performance pad modes can be controlled independently on each deck
• Enhanced performance with RP-8000 MK2 turntables: For the first time, pad modes can be controlled individually on each device simultaneously
• Customizable fader curves and reverse function (hamster switch)
• Digital adjustment of cut in/out points in the setup menu
• Dedicated loop section with push encoder, loop length LED bar & manual loop control
• Ergonomically designed browse section for efficient one-handed use
• Convenient cue fader system with dedicated controls for volume and mix
• Easily switch between 2 computers using t