Reloop CARTRIDGE-KING Professional Storage Case for Cartridges

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Reloop CARTRIDGE-KING Professional Storage Case for Cartridges

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If you are looking for an optimal solution to protect and transport your needle system, the Cartridge King is the perfect case. MODULAR CASE The highly sophisticated storage case for cartridges features a rotating foam inlay and holds four cartridges and spare needles. Thanks to the modular design common Concorde and headshell systems like those by Reloop, Ortofon or Shure can be safely stowed away. ACCESSORIES An additional mesh pocket with zipper is suitable for storing USB sticks, brushes, cleaning cloths or other accessories. OFFICIAL TURNTABLE ACCESSORY We offer a wide range of everyday helpers for your turntable’s care. In our “Official Turntable Accessory” category, we not only show you numerous equipment options, but also the right care accessories for your equipment. ON THE ROAD The chassis with a scratch resistant finish and high-density foam padding interior protect the system even in case of larger shocks. With its practical textile carrying handle, the Cartridge King is the great companion for DJs and vinyl lovers on the road.


• Professional storage case for cartridges
• Securely transport and store up to 4 cartridges, as well as spare styli and accessories
• Adjustable foam inlays for storing a combination of Concorde-style and headshell-mounted cartridges (i.e. Reloop/Ortofon Concorde, Shure M44-7 and more)
• Extra mesh pocket with zipper
• Convenient textile carrying handle
• ABS chassis with scratch resistant finish
• High density foam padding interior
• Inner dimensions: 75 x 44 x 95 mm per foam inlay, 150 x 54 x 95 mm interior
• Outer dimensions: 170 x 64 x 116 mm, Weight: 0.166 kg