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How to Install and Fit New Straps on your Accordion

Learn how to Install and Fit New Straps on your Accordion.



Accordion shoulder straps are sold only in pairs, so if you play melodeon with only one strap over your right shoulder, you'll have a spare for when that one wears out.

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Accordion shoulder straps come in 2 sections, which are detachable. The top section is the wider padded part that goes over your shoulder - there should not be a buckle on this part. 

The top section of the Accordion strap is attached with an adjustable buckle to the bottom section, which is narrower; thus, each strap has 3 points at which the length can be adjusted: top, bottom, and middle.

In some Accordion Strap Models one of your straps should be a little longer than the other. Make sure the buckles are set at the same holes on both straps, then put them side by side and see which one is longer - that's the one that will go over your right shoulder.

If the strap mount hardware of your accordion is in two parts, and not a single bracket, attach the straps according to the slant of the bracket, not whether one is more to the left or more to the right.

You will probably have to adjust the left shoulder strap buckle to a shorter hole position than the right strap, otherwise the left strap will slip off your shoulder and not support the accordion. When the straps are properly adjusted on the accordion, your chin should be approximately in line with the treble keyboard, not over the center of the bellows, as might seem more logical to a beginner.

When you first strap on your accordion, be sure the right shoulder strap is not caught underneath your bellows or accordion, it could damage your instrument.



Louis shia - Aug 23, 2019

Thank you very much for his valuable information, I ordered a set of straps from your site and installed them using this information

Paul Chapman - Aug 23, 2019

Thank you.

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