Bach AC190S Stradivarius Artisan Professional C Trumpet Silver Plated

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Bach AC190S Stradivarius Artisan Professional C Trumpet Silver Plated

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Pro-level trumpeters searching for an Artisan-designed horn will find everything they're looking for in the Bach AC190 Stradivarius Artisan trumpet. You'll revel in the AC190's outstanding tone and projection, thanks to its 0.462-inch bore. This horn's standard-taper leadpipe offers the perfect level of breath resistance, and its 1-piece hand-hammered bell vaunts a flat rim and special acoustic treatment for a pure, responsive tone that's second to none. High-quality monel valves supply the durability, warmth, and feel that you'd expect from a top-of-the-line Bach Stradivarius Artisan instrument, and you'll welcome the straightforward adjustability supplied by this trumpet's first-valve slide split ring and third-valve tone-enhancing ring with a slide pin stop. What's more, the AC190 includes two sets of valve guides for added customization, and its clear-lacquered brass body infuses every note with a subtle, ear-grabbing warmth. Whether you're in a jazz ensemble or a symphony orchestra, the Vincent Bach AC190 Stradivarius Artisan is a professional-level performer that's guaranteed to delight.


•    Standard-taper leadpipe offers a comfortable amount of breath resistance
•    0.462-inch, large bore ensures outstanding tone and projection
•    Monel valves offer extra durability, added warmth, and ultra-smooth playability
•    1st-valve slide split ring facilitates easy intonation adjustments
•    3rd-valve slide sports a tone-enhancing ring with a slide pin stop
•    2 sets of valve guides — a brass set and a plastic set — for added customization
•    1-piece, 4-13/16-inch bell with a flat rim and specially tailored acoustic treatment
•    Hand-hammered yellow brass bell delivers an ultra-pure, ultra-responsive tone
•    Silver-plated finish brings a controlled brilliance to your overall sound
•    Deluxe engraving for a head-turning, elegant look
•    Comes with a deluxe double case