BG Cleaning Microfiber Swab for Flute, A32FK

Flute Maintenance

BG Cleaning Microfiber Swab for Flute, A32FK

  • Brand:BG
  • Category: Flute Accessories, Flute Maintenance, Instrument Care & Maintenance
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Soft microfiber pouch swab with high absorption capacity to clean the inside of the body of the instrument.

• BG swabs absorb quickly and efficiently to help keep your instruments in optimum playing condition.
• This swab is a pouch swab so that it can be used with a rod to facilitate passage through the flute.
• Comes with two plastic tips for metal or wood wand.
• This is a microfiber swab allowing high absorption throughout the instrument.
• Washer safe with a lifespan of more than 5 years.

IMPORTANT: rod not included