Blackstar Dept 10 Dual Distortion Pedal

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Blackstar Dept 10 Dual Distortion Pedal

  • Brand:Blackstar
  • Category: Amplifiers & Effects, Guitar Effect Pedals
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The DEPT. 10 offers the ultimate in high voltage valve distortion flexibility. Channel 1’s Clean and Crunch modes let you move from clean, to boost to overdrive. Channel 2 then takes you from super crunch right up to screaming lead. The Cab Rig output enables you to get the sound in your head from any speaker including headphones, studio monitors and front of house. The unique switching operation will transform a single channel vintage amp into a three-channel tone machine. Use the patented ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) control to take your tone from the USA to the UK and anywhere in between. With the array of controls over your dynamics, EQ, speaker response and speaker environment, you now have all the tools to achieve ‘The sound in your head’.


• Power: 9V DC
• Valve: 1 x ECC83 Triode / 12AX7
• Maximum Current Draw: 500mA
• Input Impedance: 1M?
• Output Impedance: <1k?
• Channels: 2
• Voices: 2 per Channel
• EQ: Bass, Middle, Treble, & ISF
• CAB Rig Speaker Simulator: Yes
• USB Recording: Yes
• FX Loop: Yes
• XLR DI Output: Yes
• Stereo ¼” Headphone Output: Yes
• Weight: 1.4Lb/0.63kg
• Dimensions: 6.2” x 3” x 4.6” (inches)
• DC Adaptor: PSU-500 Supplied (9VDC 500mA tip Negative)