Blackstar HT-1RH Mk II 1 Watt Tube Amp Head Bronco Grey

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Blackstar HT-1RH Mk II 1 Watt Tube Amp Head Bronco Grey

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What can you do with one watt? Plenty, if you have a Blackstar HT-1RH MkII — it’s packed with all the tones you’ll ever need. For boutique tones, check out the HT-1RH MkII’s updated clean channel. Want something more aggressive? Then kick in the overdrive channel, and you’ll experience a smorgasbord of distorted textures. And thanks to Blackstar’s patented Infinite Shape Feature, you can dial in everything from inspiring British edge-of-breakup grit to tight and punchy American high gain. Beyond that, HT-1RH MkII includes onboard reverb and a USB output. Whether you need cranked up tones in your practice space or a great all-rounder for your studio, the HT-1RH MkII is a top-shelf low-watt amp head.


• Power: 1 Watt
• Valves: ECC83 Pream & ECC82 Power Amp
• Channels/Voices: 2 Channels, 2 Voices Per Channel
• Footswitchable: Yes- Channels & Voices
• Speaker: N/A (Head)
• Reverb: Yes
• Speaker Emulated Output/Headphones: Yes
• Effect Loop: No
• USB Recording: Yes (B-Type USB)
• Weight: 8.16Lb/3.7kg
• Dimensions: 10.75”x7.36”x6.85” (inches)