Blackstar Live Logic 6 Button Midi Foot Controller

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Blackstar Live Logic 6 Button Midi Foot Controller

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The Live Logic MIDI footcontroller gives you quick and easy performance control of any MIDI hardware or software platforms and plugins. MIDI over USB, assignable functions and two expression pedal inputs make it the perfect MIDI control solution and it can also be used as your USB MIDI interface. Power it anywhere via USB, 9V battery or power supply. Compact and versatile 6-button MIDI controller. MIDI over USB for use with DAWs, plugins and live sequencer/sampling software like Ableton LiveTM. Can be used as your USB MIDI interface. 2 x expression pedal inputs for continuous control of MIDI parameters. Controls Program Change, Control change, Note and Clock messages. Customisable MIDI messages via free Mac/PC software. Battery, 9V DC or USB bus powered for use anywhere. Stage visible LED display. Rugged metal housing.

Customising the Live Logic MIDI Footcontroller is simple thanks to our free PC or Mac app, which allows you to customise the function of each footswitch and expression pedal and save and load configuration pre-sets.

Using an intuitive graphical view of the footcontroller, you can choose message types, set minimum and maximum values, toggle whether the switches send momentary messages or toggle on/off, plus more. Every aspect is designed to be flexible and simple so your Live Logic MIDI Footcontroller speeds up your creative workflow or performance.
Custom mappings can be saved as a Profile which can be loaded and swapped out depending on your current rig. For example, if you have a Blackstar Silverline Deluxe amplifier you could use Custom mode to create a profile for your own personal footswitch set. Switches 1-3 could change your patches, for instance, a clean crunch and lead, and switches 4-6 could stomp on and off your in-built modulation and delay effects, or even switch other external MIDI pedals that you may have on your pedalboard. Connect an expression pedal to give yourself a volume pedal for swells, or creative effects like controlling the level of a delay.

The Live Logic MIDI Footcontroller is a super-compact, fully customisable control interface that's gig-ready. Its, tough metal construction and bright LEDs and display make it perfect for home or stage use. It can be powered by 9V battery, an external 9V power supply, or even directly via USB.

There are two modes: Patch and Custom. Patch mode sets up the footswitches to send MIDI Program Change messages. Switches 1-4 send Program Change messages, and 5 and 6 will Bank up and Bank down, allowing access to 127 different patches. You can even set whether they should be arranged as 0-127 or 1-128 depending on the type of equipment you're connecting to.

When in Custom mode, all 6 switches can be individually configured to any type of MIDI message you need, whether that's Program Change for switching patches, Control Change for changing individual parameters, Note for triggering samples or Clock for synchronising the tempo of multiple time-based gear. There are also two expression pedal inputs for continuous control of MIDI parameters.