D'Luca Meister Handmade Ebony Fitted Cello 4/4


D'Luca Meister Handmade Ebony Fitted Cello 4/4

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The D’Luca Meister ebony cello MC1800 is meticulously hand carved from solid A rated spruce and maple to achieve an instrument that shines in tone and value. The top and back is graduated to precise measurements, allowing the cello to have a very clear and open sound. Ebony Pegs and Fingerboard. This fantastic cello comes complete with a durable nylon Bag and Mongolian horsehair ebony bow. This ebony cello outfit is a fine value. All D’Luca instruments are inspected before shipped out, so you can assure you're getting the very best product instrument. Available in 4/4, 3/4, 1/2, and 1/4 size. IMPORTANT: The cello bridge and tailpiece is not set up when shipped (not setup), it will have to done by the player, this is to make sure the cello is not damaged in shipping. Instructions on how to set up the cello are included.

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