Reloop RH-2500 Professional DJ Headphones

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Reloop RH-2500 Professional DJ Headphones

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As consequent advancement of the popular RH-2400 series, the successor offers an even more precise bass sound thanks to the completely closed construction. Despite powerful kicks the sound characteristics remain transparent: Brilliant mids and highs and high output make monitoring and mixing easy. Improved wearing comfort could be realized due to reduced weight and a new headband construction. The bordered Reloop sign on the ear cups top off the new RH-2500's appearance.


• Professional DJ headphones with swivel/fold-in construction
• Closed construction
• One-sided cord routing (oxygen-free copper strand)
• Excellent sound characteristics due to cobalt saggar with broad efficiency factor
• Outstanding manufacturing with extra fortified bracket construction
• High output capacity
• Precise reproduction of bass, treble and high frequencies
• Excellent wearing comfort thanks to further reduced weight
• Bordered Reloop sign on ear cups