Reloop RMX-INNOFADER Non-Contact Fader For The RMX Series

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Reloop RMX-INNOFADER Non-Contact Fader For The RMX Series

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The internationally lauded Innofader by Audio Innovate is now retro-fittable to all Reloop devices that are identified as "Innofader Compatible“. The RMX Innofader has been specially developed to give users an effortless, professional performance even under the most rigorous use in the toughest conditions. Audio Innovate‘s revolutionary non-contact technology has created a fader that is perfect for the needs of professional DJs. The RMX Innofaders are accurately calibrated and ready for immediate use in any compatible Reloop product; however, the performance can also be personalised with the added ability to fine-tune the Cut-in and Cut-out points. The RMX Innofader represents the utmost quality throughout its design. The fader shaft is grounded to protect the integrity of the audio signal, and the design is tested to work for 4 million movement cycles – ensuring a long and reliable lifespan. The Reloop RMX Innofader is quick and easy to install on the professional RMX-22i/33i/60/80 and RMX-90 DVS mixers. Inside the box, a blue performance fader cap is included to complete the package.


• Revolutionary non-contact fader (mini Innofader by Audio Innovate)
• Designed to last more than 4 million cycles
• Quick mounting
• Cut-in and cut-out points can be calibrated
• Buttery smooth operating tension for perfect scratching
• Factory pre-calibrated for tight cut points
• 3-pin adapter cable for Reloop mixers included
• Fader shaft with brush grounding for even more reliable applications
• Compatible with Reloop RMX-22i/33i/60/80/90 and all future Reloop products with INNOFADER compatible logo
• Including blue fader cap