Rossetti Piano Accordion 48 Bass 26 Keys 3 Switches Black

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Rossetti Piano Accordion 48 Bass 26 Keys 3 Switches Black

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The beautiful Rossetti 2648 accordion features an Italian Style front end decor and is offered in several pearlescent finishes. It has 26 keys, 16 white and 10 black. The keyboard treble side starts on G and ends on C (two octaves). There are three sound switches, clarinet, tremolo and master. All produce a full rich and robust tone. The bass buttons are 48 chords.


  • 6 Rows, 48 Bass Buttons
  • 26 Keys (10 Black Keys, 16 White Keys)
  • 3 Switches 
  • Italian Style Decorations 
  • 18 Fold Bellows for Bigger Sound 
  • Sheepskin Bellow Corners for Longer Life
  • Adjustable Hand Strap
  • Single Strap Hooks On Each Side for Easy Shoulder Strap Attachment 
  • Custom Grille Design 
  • Slide Lever Air Valve for Best Intake 
  • Upgraded Button Design For Smooth Operation
  • Includes Premium Hard Shell Case with Lock and Key
  • Includes Adjustable Shoulder Straps