Schlagwerk CP4007 la Peru Burl Veneer Cajon Burl Veneer


Schlagwerk CP4007 la Peru Burl Veneer Cajon Burl Veneer

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The La Perù was the first production Cajon ever. The blue print and foundation for the success of this instrument to the benefit of legions of musicians and Cajon makers. Schlagwerk introduced it back in 1990 but kept evolving the instrument ever since. Tried and tested a thousand times, La Perù® technology is based on special Cajon strings, whose individual tension can be adjusted. This system offers the typical crisp, precise response you look for in Flamenco, Jazz and other standard acoustic applications. It has become THE standard in most of the Cajons today. Three bodies are available that deliver the fundamental sound:

Gabon: Soft wood, resonating in a very pleasant low, round and controlled warm sound. Very focused.
Birch: Low and high frequencies are more present giving a livelier response. Very present with low bass.
Alder: Combining the warmth of Gabon with the presence of Birch.

Playing surface: SC6 burl design veneer
Body: 7-ply alder, approx. 30 x 30 x 50 cm
Sound: rich bass, strong mid-range tones