Schlagwerk CP430 2inOne Deluxe Cajon Wenge Large


Schlagwerk CP430 2inOne Deluxe Cajon Wenge Large

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Introduced in 2005 the 2inOne became quickly the favorite choice of many drummers and Percussion players alike, as well as beginners. Why is that? - Schlagwerk wanted to create a Cajon that is fun to play. No fuss in adjusting, just playing beats and rhythms plain and simple with no need of delicate string overtones and subtle nuances in different playing areas. Nevertheless, a great basic sound with fat bass and great attack, that works. And boy it does! So, this is what you get, a great sounding Cajon with a snare mechanic that delivers fun out of the box! The 2inOne is THE drummers Cajon.

The Deluxe models within the "2inOne" line are taking the concept to the next level. Available with DPL or Alder body they offer additional wire strands 2 x 42 in total. Together with the super sensitive front in design veneer it improves the total appearance. Looks - Sensitivity - Snare Sound. They crank every aspect up a notch!

Playing surface: SC6 Wenge design veneer
Body: 7-ply alder, approx. 30 x 30 x 50 cm
Sound: fat bass, sensitive snare, powerful slap