Schlagwerk CP5901 Precise OS EVO Cajon Black Large W/CBT10


Schlagwerk CP5901 Precise OS EVO Cajon Black Large W/CBT10

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Schlagwerk EVO models mark the pinnacle of Schlagwerk's evolution as Cajon manufacturer. Many players asked for a Cajon with more crisp crackling snare sounds that are audible even at the slightest touch, yet deliver a powerful base that is clearly separated from the snare. Schlagwerk went deep into every single component and construction of Cajons, and uncvered critical advancement to enhance that scope of sound. This lead to the EVO series behold the benchmark in Cajon sound.

The Precise EVO Body is made from 20mm solid, smoked Alder, Beech back and Gabon front. The front is fixed with Schlagwerk's OS "Open sound and fully Screwed playing surface" method, typically for the Precise line. Like the "LaPerù" Evo the playing surface is partially densified for more sensitivity. The solid Alder body offers controlled, very dry bass without cross-talking snare noise. This low mid bass is fundamentally lowered with the factory installed CBT10 Bass tube. The 3ply Gabon front triggers 2 x 4 Cajon wires. Each section of the wires is individually tuneable. All these features make the "Precise" Evo a perfect instrument where very lively snare sounds and an unexpected low fundament of base is needed. Also, on the Precise line we have created a Deluxe version of the "regular" Evo. The front board is laminated with hand-picked one of a kind smoked Walnut veneer. This does not only support the gorgeous visual appearance but also adds more warmth and colour to the overall sound. As the Walnut adds some low end, the Bass tube distracts from the natural sound, therefore it does not come standard with that model.

SC6 is a Schlagwerk proprietary material development for playing surfaces with brilliant sound properties. A substrate that is highly responsive, thin, yet extremely tough to withstand high impacts. Ideally laminated with sound enhancing veneers. Used in many of our advanced models.

Playing surface: 3-ply gabon (Aucoumea klaineana) with wave embossing
Body: solid alder, approx. 30 x 30 x 50 cm
Sound: dry, warm bass, defined sub bass, super delicate string response
Extras: CBT10 Basstube