sE Electronics Pro Metal Pop Filter

Isolation Shield

sE Electronics Pro Metal Pop Filter

  • Brand:sE Electronics
  • Category: Isolation Shields
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This unique metal screen is not simply perforated but implements a slightly convex shape to redirect low-frequency air blasts to the side of the screen. This process does not attenuate high frequencies (as fabric screens can) and leaves the vocal performance completely unaffected, minus any disruptive low frequency "pops". The gooseneck holds its position at any angle, keeping you always covered. And since the whole thing is made of metal, it will take a lot more abuse than a traditional fabric shield. This tool is built to last.


• An affective metal pop screen you can use with virtually any microphone
• Louvered perforations redirect low-frequency pops and eliminate plosives
• Minimally affects sensitive high frequencies, leaving your overall sound intact
• Highly flexible gooseneck makes positioning the filter easy
• Made from durable metal for a lifetime of regular use