Snark 5 Pedal Daisy Chain Cable

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Snark 5 Pedal Daisy Chain Cable

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This Snark Daisy Chain allows you to power up to 5 guitar effect pedals when used with the Snark 9-Volt Power Supply. The Snark SA-2 daisy chain is intended for use with the Snark SA-1 power supply. This 9-volt daisy chain is equipped with five plugs, and can provide power for up to five pedals simultaneously. If you’ve got a Snark SA-1 power supply, get the most out of it with the Snark SA-2 daisy chain power cable.


• Daisy Chain power cable allows you to make the most of your Snark SA-1 power supply
• 1-to-5 power cable powers up to 5 effects pedals
• Angled contacts take up less space on your pedalboard
• Carries 9-volt current