Snark SA-1 9 Volt Power Supply

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Snark SA-1 9 Volt Power Supply

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The Snark sa-1 9-volt power supply will keep your pedals rocking all night long and save you tons of bucks on 9v batteries. In fact, never buy a 9v battery again (for your pedals at least). Made with Snark’s dedication to quality at an affordable price, this 9-volt DC power adapter provides an even and consistent current to your pedals. The Snark SA-1 power supply is perfect for anyone who wants to get the most consistent tones from their pedals. You can even use the optional Snark SA-2 daisy chain to connect your SA-1 power supply to five pedals simultaneously. If you’re ready to ditch battery power, go with the Snark SA-1.


• Perfect for any 9-volt guitar pedal
• Fits all standard DC plugs
• Provides more consistent tone than battery-powered pedals