Snark SN6X Clip on Ukulele Tuner

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Snark SN6X Clip on Ukulele Tuner

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The black SN6X Clip-On Ukulele Tuner from Snark is a clip-on tuner that has a high-sensitivity vibration sensor and a full-color display that rotates 360°. It can be used to tune a ukulele for applications such as rehearsals, recordings, live stage, theater, and more. The tuner can be utilized on either the front or the back of a headstock to accommodate left- or right-handed players. The Snark SN-6X chromatic tuner not only looks cool when it's clipped onto your ukulele's headstock, but it's also a reliable tuning tool. The SN-6X's upgraded high-definition display is clearly visible from any angle, regardless of lighting. And because it rotates 360 degrees, it doesn't matter if you're a righty or a lefty. Boasting more accuracy than ever, the SN-6X makes tuning a piece of cake.


• Features a faster chip than its predecessor for improved accuracy
• Upgraded high-definition display rotates 360 degrees for easy viewing
• Stay-put clip
• High-sensitivity vibration sensor
• Frequency range tailored to ukuleles
• Tuner can be used on front or back of headstock