SofiaMari NSM-3412 34-Button 12 Bass Accordion GCF Blue

SofiaMari Button Accordion

SofiaMari NSM-3412 34-Button 12 Bass Accordion GCF Blue

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The SofiaMari NSM-3412 Accordion Package includes a new Italian designed 34 button, 12 bass, 3 switch diatonic accordion featuring an Italian style, smooth playing, clatter free keyboard and Italian style bellow straps with tuck away snaps, and an accordion back pad to protect the bellows which feature a multi-colored diamond design. A pair of 2.5" wide leather straps with harness and a hard-shell case for protection complete the package.


• 34 Buttons
• 12 Bass
• 3 Switch
• Clatter Free Keyboard
• Italian Style Bellow Straps
• Accordion Back Pad
• Pair of 2.5” Wide Leather Straps w/ Harness
• Hard Shell Case