Vandoren D15 Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece for German Clarinet

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Vandoren D15 Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece for German Clarinet

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German clarinet mouthpieces designed for use with German reeds. D Series, In the pure German tradition. Available in three openings, this new series is the evolution expected by German clarinetists. It offers the artist an exceptional ease in playing and provides amazing flexibility during performance. Rich sound and great intonation are the main qualities of this series.

A mouthpiece designed in the German tradition which provides a compact sound Suited for both beginners in combination with soft V21 German reeds (2-2,5), and professionals for use with stronger V21 German reeds (3-3,5).


Opening: 1/100 mm 87.5
Facing length: Long
Instrument: German clarinet
Series: German clarinet mouthpieces

CM3815 (Single Mouthpiece)