Vox VX50 AG 50W 1x8 Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp

Guitar Combo Amp

Vox VX50 AG 50W 1x8 Acoustic Guitar Combo Amp

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The VOX VX50 AG is a compact, lightweight and cutting-edge acoustic guitar amplifier with an impressive 50 watts of output power and rich, natural tone courtesy of the Nutube-equipped pre-amp. Beyond its impressive sound, the VX50 AG provides both Instrument and Mic channels, each with their own independent EQs and on-board effects, and a host of input and output jacks, making it the perfect solution for gigging guitarists. Weighing in at only 9lbs, the VX50 is a fully-featured acoustic guitar amp that's perfect for all acoustic players. The compact and lightweight VX50 AG is a compact 50 Watt amplifier designed specifically for acoustic guitar that features Nutube, the new vacuum tube, and an 8" coaxial speaker, plus a tweeter. With an uncolored, honest, and flat sound, it delivers beautifully rich sound that covers everything from detailed nuances to powerful strumming. The Instrument channel provides a three-band EQ, a phase switch, studio-quality chorus & reverb effects. The phantom power equipped Mic channel provides a two-band EQ as well as an on-board reverb for adding a bit of atmosphere to your vocals. The VX50 AG also includes an Aux In for connecting your backing tracks, as well as a Line Out, that can be fed directly to a PA system. This fully-featured acoustic amp has everything you need to shape your sound!


• 50 watts of output power; NuTube-equipped preamp
• 8" coaxial speaker with a tweeter; Bass reflex structure enhances low-end
• Instrument & Mic channels, each with independent volume, EQ & effects
• Phase switch on Instrument channel reduces feedback; Mic channel provides phantom power
• A full assortment of input/output jacks including Aux In, Phones Out & Line Out