Aguilar AG 4J-70 4-String J Bass Pickup Set '70s

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Aguilar AG 4J-70 4-String J Bass Pickup Set '70s

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In order to capture the signature tone of the 70’s Jazz Bass® pickup, we went through a unique prototyping process – sampling and deconstructing several pickups spanning the era to discover what makes them so special. Utilizing both a unique wire size and winding pattern, these pickups are bright and articulate with a clear and punchy low-end perfect for rock, funk, and R&B styles. The AG 4J-70 pickups are direct replacements for Jazz Bass® style basses.


• Pair of Jazz Bass-style pickups for 4-string bass guitars
• Painstakingly modeled after several pairs of 1970s J Bass pups
• Good definition for slapping and popping
• Round low-end tucks nicely into a mix
• Made with Alnico V magnets and wound with 42AWG enamel wire
• Single conductor, cloth-covered cable
• Pairs great with Aguilar's OBP onboard preamps
• Fits Jazz Bass-style instruments