Blackstar Unity Elite U700 Bass Amp Head

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Blackstar Unity Elite U700 Bass Amp Head

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The Unity 700H Elite Bass Head is a dynamic, high-headroom piece of gear. With 700W of power available at your fingertips, there’s enough here for any kind of live situation – whether you’re playing in a more intimate venue, or a bigger outdoor space etc. It’s the perfect tonal partner for the Unity Elite Passive Bass Cabinets.


• Power: 700W
• Voice: Classic, Modern, & Flat
• Drive: OD, Dist, & Fuzz
• EQ: Semi-Parametric. EQ: Low, Mid, Mid Frequency, & High.
• Response: Linear, 6L6, & 6550
• Effects: Chorus, Octave (Up/Down)
• Compressor: Yes – Level Control, On/Off
• Line-In: Yes
• Line-Out: USB, Headphones, XLR (Em Out or DI)
• Footswitch: Yes (FS-13 Supplied, FS-12 Optional)
• Effects Loop: Yes (Series)
• Speaker Output: SpeakON (Passive Cabs) or Cab Link XLR (U250ACT Active Cab)
• Speakers: N/A (Head)
• Tweeter Level: N/A (Head)
• Weight: 9.3Lb/4.2kg
• Dimensions: 14.9”x3”x9.6” (inches)