Lake People F355 2-Channel Microphone Preamplifier

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Lake People F355 2-Channel Microphone Preamplifier

  • Brand:Lake People
  • Category: Microphone Amplifiers
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The Lake People F355 is an extremely low-noise microphone preamp with excellent sound characteristics and luxurious features. The practical, clear and simple precision tool guarantees an exact signal transmission, which amplifies incoming signals but does not change them negatively. The 19 inch housing is made of pure stainless steel with a gray front and is intended for installation in a rack. This protects the preamplifier from external mechanical influences.


• Equipment per channel:
• Electronically balanced input via XLR
• Gain 0...+66 dB switchable in 12 steps of 6 dB each
• Deactivatable fine adjustment of gain with center potentiometer +/- 5 dB
• Deactivatable Lo-Cut, 12 dB/oct ., with variable use 12...250 Hz
• Noise -129 dB at 60 dB amplification
• Pad switch for -12 dB pre -attenuation
• Programmable intelligent muting system
• Switchable 48 volt phantom power
• Switchable phase reversal
• 16-step fast level display, 0 … -36 dBr can be calibrated on the front
• Additional separate clip display
• 2 x balanced outputs via XLR