Lake People AMS-G108 Headphone Amplifier

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Lake People AMS-G108 Headphone Amplifier

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Building upon the success of the G105 while adding the advantages of balanced headphones, the G108 Headphone Amplifier from Lake People delivers wide ranging headphone support and incredibly low noise thanks to its true balanced amplifier with four power stages and 10 VA toroidal transformer that can drive nearly any headphone technology from 16- to 600-ohms, including demanding designs, such as planar and magnetostatic types. With three output modes: mono, stereo, and phase reproduction (left channel only), you can achieve any variation of audio amplification you could need, and an internal five-stage pre-gain selection (±18 dB) provides further control over your listening experience, helping to avoid unwanted overdrive of your headphones. The G108 sports two balanced, gold-plated XLR inputs, two unbalanced, gold-plated RCA inputs, a 1/4" headphone output, and a fully balanced, XLR 4-pin headphone output. Built to last in Germany to exacting standards, this amp features high-grade Alps RK 27 1" aluminum pots for volume and balance control, a compact yet rugged aluminum chassis, and top-quality electronics to ensure the flattest possible frequency response.


• True balanced amplifier with four power stages
• Five internal pre-gain presets for matching any headphone impedance, ±18 dB
• 20 VRMS into 600 ohms for high-impedance headphones
• 2700mW into 100 ohms for low-impedance headphones
• Alps RK 27 pots for volume and balance, made with 1" aluminum
• 10 VA toroidal transformer and large, smooth capacitors