Lake People G105-MKII Headphone Amplifier

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Lake People G105-MKII Headphone Amplifier

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The Lake People PHONE-AMP G105 MKII is a stereo headphone amplifier.
Different to most comparable models the overall gain may be altered to match the specific needs of different headphones.

Due to this technique, the headphone amplifier is able to drive nearly all existing headphones from 16… 600 ohms load impedance with excellence.

Further, multiple variations of reproduction are possible by the mode switch with its options Mono –Stereo – Phase and with the aid of the split switch. Because of its noise- and THD-optimized circuitry layout, PHONE-AMP G105 MKII covers high quality demands.


• balanced Inputs via XLR
• unbalanced Inputs via RCA
• Pre-Gain = five internally seltable gain presets
• volume and balance control with massive 25 mm aluminium knobs
• 3-way Mode switch covering Mono - Stereo - Phase reproduction
• 2 headphone sockets with split function

• 1x Lake People G105 MKII
• 1x Power Chord
• 1x Manual

Item number: 1008213
output impedance: < 0,1 Ohms
input sensitivity: +6 dBu
color: black
housing: Desktop
headphone Out: 2 (1/4" jack, unbalanced)
Line I/O: 2 / 0 (RCA), 2 / 0 (XLR)
THD+N (@ -1 dBFs): <0,001% (1kHz 2x 800mW / 100R)
Crosstalk: -80 dB (1 kHz) / -70 db (15 kHz)